menjadi advertiser cpmleader menguntungkan

kalau melihat aturan bagi publisher cpmleader, wah kelihatan sangat menguntungkan untuk menjadi advertiser nya (pemasang iklan) bagaimana tidak cpm murah dan perhitungannya yang sangat menguntungkan advertiser

1 tayangan dihitung untuk 1 kali banner untuk 1 pengunjung dalam 24 jam

keuntungan yang tertulis di webnya

Why advertise with
Campaign starting with as little as $0.05 per 1,000 ad impressions and $0.10 per click
You will pay only for banner impressions longer than 15 seconds, so you will
get up to 700% impressions for FREE! (works only with frequency capping = 0)
Get your banner ads shown worldwide on 10,000+ websites across our whole network
4 simple steps! It takes 45 seconds to set up your campaign
We offer the highest quality services at affordable price
We use 4 common banner sizes: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600 (in pixels)
FREE Country targetting
FREE Frequency capping
You will pay only for unique clicks
Improved anti-cheat protection. You will never pay for fake clicks and bot clicks
Detailed ad click stats (Country, date, time)
All campaigns are launched within 24 hours
PayPal and credit card payments
No registration required
Real-time stats of your banner clicks or impressions
We do not accept adult, warez and gambling ads
We reserve the right to decline your ad with 100% refund

dikatakan keuntungan sampai 700% karena banyak tampilan gratisnya 

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