If it build

In 2010, Winnipeg designer Joe Kalturnyk founded the RAW: colonnade of Architecture and Design, which ran as a bricks-and-mortar venue until 2015 and immobile puts at once jumpy and motivating artistic projects that explore our built environments. Kalturnyk, who graduated from the further education college of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture, over and over again showcases artists who are architects and architects who are artists.

At Friday’s drawing rumor at the Winnipeg Free push News Café, Kalturnyk will be discussing “art that’s used,” as he calls it, specially toil that criss-crosses the ground between visual drawing and architecture, exploring the habits we interact to our homes, our communities, our cities.

Kalturnyk himself is most likely most excellent famous for the RAW:Almond pop-up restaurants, a cycle of collaborations with Winnipeg cook Mandel Hitzer that happening at the moment of the frozen Assiniboine and burgundy rivers in the chill of 2013.

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