Black Panther movie has reportedly

KARACHI: Marvel’s latest offering the Black Panther movie has reportedly surpassed the US box office collections of the iconic 1997 classic movie Titanic , becoming the third top-grossing title of all time.
Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther features an all-black cast — a USP that has helped not only in grossing profits but also giving the much-needed representation to the thousands of African-Americans in the US. The black community in America is highly underrepresented, especially in its mainstream entertainment industry. From movies to music, the lack of recognition given to the work of African-American artists has frequently been the topic of many debates. But of late, this scrutiny of Hollywood has resulted in some positive outcomes such as Black Panther that is situated in a parallel universe of Wakanda that only has people belonging to one race.
The box office records of Black Panther should be an eye-opener for Hollywood and should make it realise that when people are rightly represented they can help in the progression of the industry.
Khirad Mohib
Published in The Express Tribune, April 10 th , 2018.

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